#meetgeorge…. So let me tell you about #george. Tuesday night I agreed to take 2 #puppies a girl found in Union and find them homes. I was going to take one and give the other to my aunt barb. Wednesday, #marley was unexpectedly extremely sick, had lost all control of his lower body, was having seizures, was throwing up and using the bathroom in the house but couldn’t move, was screaming on pain, and couldn’t walk. I called into work because I knew this was bad. My uncle and his friend RL had to came to help get Marley out of the house and I had to end up putting him to sleep which was so hard for me to do. I still went to meet the girl with the puppies and took the girl dog to my aunt (she is named #gracie) and brought #george home. #lg and #bdog weren’t very happy about that but they dealt. Thursday I went to work and when I got home, George was gone. I told my dogs they had ONE job-not to let him run off. They failed. if Marley was still around he would have been a better babysitter. I found out on Facebook that some lady about 7 miles away had found a puppy and took it to the pound. So Friday I had to go to the pound and see if it was him, it was, then go to a vet, where I was forced to choose a name so I said George, pay for a rabies shot and then go back to the pound to bail him out of doggy jail because I knew the long weekend was coming up…. So finally I got him back! LG and bdog were like “we really thought we got rid of him, can’t believe you found him”… He’s super smart and sweet. He looks so much like #spencer that it hurts. But he does not take the place of Marley. I cried for 2 days over that dog and I still miss him terribly. But now I do have a new #puppy to train. This should be #fun. #ilovemydog #lovemydogs #furrbutts #dogsrule #dogs #bemorelikeyourdog

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